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Linus Torvalds created the well-known operating system Linux, which was made available to the public in September 1991. Linux is an open-source, secure working environment. Unix Operating System is a prerequisite for Linux. The leading Linux platform in the world is Red Hat Linux. It serves as the foundation from which you may grow existing applications and produce cutting-edge innovations for bare metal, virtual, holder, and a variety of cloud environments.

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    The best faculty in the industry teach students in the best possible ways and immerse them in the subject as thoroughly as is practical. OnlineITvidhya is the leader in training students in LINUX courses. Our care team has expertise in interacting with pupils at the foundational level. They have provided you with uncountable amounts of creative answers to your questions. Our tutors relentlessly assess each student and work with them to provide signs of development. Assignments will be distributed to assess your comprehension of the course’s consistency from start to finish, ensuring that you are improving in the subject by affiliation requirements.

    Who can learn Linux?
    Any graduate or undergrad who wants a career in advanced IMS technologies, any working professional who wants one, and anyone who wants one in system administration and networking. The teaching staff at OnlineITvidhya has a wealth of expertise working with different types of people, and they support students in learning the course by their standards.

    What you can be?
    The acceptance of cloud innovation is growing significantly. Currently, more than of enterprises are using a multi-cloud solution that combines a hybrid cloud, a private cloud, and a public cloud. Any aspiring framework executive must have a solid understanding of cloud technology and devices. Students who complete our Linux course will receive job assistance from OnlineITvidhya. Our certification will be accepted anywhere.

    What are the prerequisites of OnlineITvidhya’s Linux Online Training program?
    Learning Linux doesn’t require any prior knowledge. The only requirement is a desire to advance your knowledge.

    Placement assistance:
    All students who successfully finish the training receive active placement support from Online IT Vidhya. We only have partnerships with leading MNCs from around the world for this. We also assist you with preparing for job interviews and resumes.


    • Introduction to Linux
    • Basics of Shell
    • Basics of Kernel, CentOS 8 installation and VBox additions
    • Basic Linux Commands, ECHO and EXPR command, Set and unset a variable, Header of a shell script (#!).
    • Text editors and file creation
    •  Users, Groups and Processes
    •  Root and Linux file hierarchy
    •  Understanding file hierarchy
    • Understanding file permissions, chmod and chown commands
    • The LS command
    • Metacharacters
    • Editing a file using VIM
    • Displaying contents of a file, Copy, Move and Remove files.
    • Everything is a file in UNIX/Linux (files, directories, executables, processes)
    • Process control commands (ps and kill)
    • Other process control tools (top, nice, renice).
    • What is shell scripting
    • Types of shel
    • Creating and writing a shell script
    • Changing the permission of the shell scrip
    • Executing the script
    • Environment variables
    • Defining a local and a global variable
    • User input in a shell script.
    • What are Conditional statements, Using IF, IF-ELSE, Nested IF statements
    • What are Looping statements, Using WHILE, UNTIL and FOR statements
    • Using the case…esac statement
    • What is a Function
    • Creating a function in Linux
    • Calling functions.
    • Using GREP command
    • Using SED command
    • Using AWK command
    • Mounting a file to the virtual box
    • Creating a shared folder (mounting a folder)
    • Using SORT command 
    • Using pipes to combine multiple Commands.
    • What are Daemons
    • Introduction to Task scheduling in Linux
    • Scheduling a job in Linux
    • What is Cron and Crontab
    • How to use cron, Using the AT command.
    • Why monitoring
    • Introduction to process monitoring
    • Top vs HTop
    • What does PGREP do
    • Introduction to file and folder monitoring, Monitoring tool inotifywait, inotifywait options for folder monitoring
    • Events of a folder in inotify, the FREE command.
    • Installing and configuring MySQL, Securing MySQL, Running Queries from terminal, Running Queries from a shell script.
    • What is networking in Linux
    • Why do we need networking, Using networking commands – IFCONFIG, PING, Wget and cURL, SSH, SCP and FTP
    • Learning Firewall tools – iptables and firewalld, DNS and Resolving IP address, /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname, nslookup and dig.


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    Tutor was excellent enough to teach the course and to solve all the queries. They provide video content it is still more helpful.



    It's a wonderful and exciting experience on this platform. For a fresher student like me, it's an honour to learn from such experienced mentors.



    Excellent explanation.. And it is very helpful for small town people to learn for free...hatsoff the whole team...


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