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AWS online training is an uncomplicated and straightforward course that handles Amazon administrations over the cloud. The majority of the features in AWS’s virtual computer variants are similar to those of a real computer, including a graphics processing unit (GPU), central processing unit (CPU), storage, RAM, operating systems, and numerous web servers with pre-loaded content, customer relationship management (CRM), etc.

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    The greatest AWS course web-based preparation is currently being offered in the industry by OnlineITvidhya, and we have the most knowledgeable faculty to assist the students and train them to the needs of the major corporations. Our instructors employ the most effective teaching methods to help the students feel comfortable with the material and learn as much as possible. We operate under the simple philosophy of “Don’t prepare the student to finish the course yet to contend in the competitive field,” which has helped us quickly become the greatest online training company in the industry.

    Who can learn this course?
    Any software engineer, system administrator, network administrator, solution architect, developer, graduate, or postgraduate who needs to start a career in distributed computing development can choose the AWS course online training from OnlineITvidhya.

    What can you expect from OnlineITvidhya?
    Based on their aptitude and correspondence, our faculty will assist the students in locating employment with a reputable company. To get your buy-in for continuing any group conversations, we’ll lead practice discussion rounds. By facilitating group discussion sessions toward the end of the course and orientation workshops, we will further assist students in developing their interpersonal skills. The OnlineITvidhya Institute’s professors will devote a lot of time to working with students to answer any issues they may have and provide assistance in completing the certification course.

    What are the prerequisites of OnlineITvidhya’s AWS Certification Online Training program?
    Without meeting any qualifications, you can acquire any AWS Certification online training program. Nevertheless, AWS offers suggestions for knowledge and experience that are in line with the subject matter and level of expertise for each certification.

    Placement Assistance:
    You can get assistance from the Job Assist Program in locating your ideal position. Your potential and employment prospects will be maximized.



    • Introduction to cloud computing world
    • History
    • Cloud business models
    • Public, Private and Hybrid cloud models
    • Advantages of cloud computing
    • AWS Regions and Availability zones.
    • Tools to access services.
    • Overview of the console.
    • AWS Regions and Availability zones.
    • Tools to access services.
    • Overview of the console.
    • AWS ec2(elastic compute cloud)
    • Introduction to EC2.
    • Pricing models On-demand vs Reserved vs Spot instances.
    • Using Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to create the instances.
    • Public vs Private Images.
    • Sharing Images to other accounts.
    • Logging into instances using key pairs.
    • Converting pem files to ppk.
    • Volumes and types.
    • Using snapshots for backup.
    • Increasing the size of the volumes.
    • Backup and restore process of the EC2 instances.
    • Adding network interfaces.
    • Assigning static IPs using Elastic IPs.
    • Control access to instances using Security Groups.
    • Introduction to Elastic Load Balancing.
    • Creating ELB from Console.
    • Attaching instances to ELB.
    • Configuring Ports, Protocols and health checks.
    • Enabling sticky sessions.
    • Connection draining.
    • Enabling SSL Certificates for https transactions.
    • Introduction to CloudWatch monitoring service.
    • Monitoring CPU, Memory and network utilization of different resources.
    • Creating notifications.
    • Introduction to SNS.
    • Subscribing to receive notifications.
    • Sending alerts using SNS.
    • Relational Database Service
    • Introduction to Managed database.
    • Creating RDS instances using AWS console.
    • Choosing an RDS engine and version.
    • Public vs Private database instances.
    • Multi-AZ setup.
    • Backup using snapshots and point in restore.
    • Parameter Group.
    • Options Group.
    • Control access to instances using Security Groups.
    • Overview.
    • Creating launch configuration.
    • Creating auto-scaling group.
    • Auto-scaling policies.
    • Introduction to Simple Storage Server (S3).
    • Storage options (default vs reduced redundancy vs Glacier).
    • Creating buckets using Console.
    • Uploading and downloading data to S3.
    • Building static websites using S3.
    • Enable version control on S3.
    • S3 access policies.
    • Introduction to Glacier.
    • Moving data from S3 to Glacier.
    • Setting archiving policies on S3.
    • AWS Cloud Front (Content Delivery Network Service)
    • Introduction to CloudFront.
    • Configure S3 backend for CloudFront.
    • Configure ELB backend from CloudFront.
    • Introduction to SES.
    • Module 11: Identity Access Management(IAM)
    • Introduction to IAM.
    • Access controls using IAM.
    • Creating users, groups and roles.
    • Assigning policies.
    • Inline vs Managed policies.
    • Introduction.
    • Choosing a network design and CIDR.
    • Design a simple network.
    • Creating Subnets and setup routing as per the design.
    • Using IGW to enable internet access.
    • Access controls using Network ACLs. Network ACLs vs Security Groups.
    • Creating Private connections from data center to AWS.
    • Enabling VPC peering between VPCs.
    • Introduction.
    • Understanding the template format.
    • Cloudformation designer.
    • Create a simple cloudformation template.
    • Managing dependencies.
    • Updating the existing stacks.
    • Intrinsic functions.
    • Pseudo parameters.
    • Updating cloudformation stacks.
    • Understanding event.
    • Cloudformer.
    • Installing AWSCLI .
    • Installing CLI tools using rpm or pip.
    • Configuring credentials.
    • AWS CLI syntax.
    • Creating and managing resource using CLI.


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    Thank you very much for the valuable training and support team helped me a lot answering all of my questions and the instructor was also excellent.



    Faculty and management teaching techniques are very excellent. Thanks to OnlineITvidhya all staff give valuable knowledge. Thank u so much



    Very happy to join the training. Very good examples are provided during training. And it is free. Notes are also good and easy to learn.


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