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Advanced Python Online Training

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Advanced Python is a fundamental programming language used in data science and analytics. Engineers can use Advanced Python for a wide range of tasks, including doing computations and statistical analysis, automating processes, designing software, and creating machine learning algorithms. An established hands-on understanding of Python is crucial for engineers to have the job-ready abilities required to work in the data science and software industries.

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    About Course

    Why Choose us?
    OnlineITvidhya is the best place to learn advanced Python. In order to make it even simpler for you to master this important programming language, we provide the greatest and most competent faculty. Coaches can assist you with any learning difficulties because they are quite informed about the subject. Our instructors guarantee to keep you ahead of everyone else in the field by going over all pertinent content. Thanks to the institutionalized, calculated, in-depth encouraging techniques altered by our trainers, you will be able to comprehend the information simply and effectively.

    What are the Python Course Prerequisites?
    There are no rigid specifications. A basic understanding of computer programming lingo is sufficient. Database and programming fundamentals are also advantageous but not necessary.

    Who can learn this course?
    The Advanced Python course online training at OnlineITvidhya Platform is available to anyone interested in working in organizations as an information analyst, data scientist, software developer, game developer, research analyst, IT professional, or a career related to these. Your abilities and possibilities at large corporations will be considerably improved by having knowledge of multiple programming languages.

    Placement Assistance:
    We will provide placement assistance to students who complete the online Python course preparation with us. By giving you daily assignments to accomplish, our experienced instructors will help you practice the course in accordance with the stated timetables. Your productivity will rise as a result of learning the material twice, and any questions you have will be regularly addressed both throughout the course and after it is done. Our team will perform mock interviews to make sure you are completely ready to progress in your career. Python programmers have a tons of employment options, and their pay packages are generally rather generous when compared to those of other professionals.


    • Python Overview
    • Python Environment
    • Operators
    • Functions
    • Types of Arguments
    • Elements of control flow statements
    • Types of Control Flow Statements
    • Simple if
    • If…else
    • If…elif…else
    • Nested if
    • While loop
    • Infinite while loop
    • While … else
    • For loop
    • For loop … else
    • Nested loops
    • Break Statement
    • Continue Statement
    • Pass Statement
    • What is Collection Object
    • Types of Collection Objects
      • Sequence Collection Objects
      • Non Sequence Collection Objects
    • List
      • What is list
      • Creating list
      • Indexing
      • Accessing /deleting/updating list elements
      • Slicing and matrix
      • Working with built-in list functions and methods
      • Nested List
      • List comprehension
    • Tuple
      • What is tuple
      • Creating tuple
      • Indexing
      • Accessing/deleting/updating tuple elements
      • Slicing and matrix
      • Working with built-in tuple functions and methods
    • Set
      • What is Set
      • Creating Set
      • Working with built-in set functions and methods and set comprehension
      • Mathematical set operations
    • Frozenset
      • What is Frozenset
      • Creating Frozenset
      • Working with built-in Frozenset functions and methods
    • Dict
      • What is dictionary
      • Creating a dictionary
      • Accessing/deleting/updating dictionary elements
      • Working with built-in dictionary functions and methods
      • Nested dictionary
      • Dictionary comprehension
    • Examples: range ( ), map( ), filter( ), reduce( ), … etc
    • What is a module?
    • Creating user defined module
    • Importing a module in python
      • Normal import
      • From import
      • From import with *
    • Renaming a module
    • Working with standard modules(Math, Random, Datetime and time, Os and sys, …etc)
    • What is a package?
    • Creating user defined package
    • Importing a package in python
      • Normal import
      • From import
      • From import with *
    • About OO programming
    • The OOPs concepts are
      • Abstraction
      • Encapsulation
      • Inheritance
      • Polymorphism
      • What is a Class
      • Defining a Class
      • What is Object
      • Creating an object
      • Methods
        • Different types of methods
        • How to call methods
      • Variables
        • Different types of variables
      • Constructors
        • Default constructor
        • Parameterized constructor
      • Class with multiple Objects
      • Static Variables with multiple objects
      • Inheritance
      • Types of inheritances
        • Single Inheritance
        • Multilevel Inheritance
        • Hierarchical Inheritance
        • Multiple Inheritance
        • Hybrid Inheritance
      • Polymorphism
        • Overloading
        • Overriding
    • Syntax Errors
    • Runtime Errors
    • What is an Exception?
    • Types of Exceptions:
      • Built-in Exceptions
      • User defined Exceptions
    • Need of Exception handling
    • Handling the Exceptions
      • Try block
      • Except block
      • Finally block
    • Single try block with multiple except blocks
    • Nested try blocks
    • Handling Multiple Exceptions
    • Raising the user defined exceptions
    • What is file
    • Opening a file
    • Closing a file
    • Writing data to files
    • Reading a data from files
    • DDL(Data Definition Languages)
    • DML(Data Manipulation Languages)
    • DCL(Data Control Languages)
    • TCL(Transaction Control Languages)
    • Basics of database
    • What is Data
    • What is Information
    • What is DBMS
    • Types of Data bases
    • Connections
    • Executing SQL and queries
    • Working with MySQL
    • Working with MongoDB
    • Workshop on SQL
    • Mini Project – 1
    • Mini Project – 2


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